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the hottest day ever...

so today was an incredibly hot day.. i mean really hot. So I got up at the crack of dawn to take care of horses, just to get all hot and sweaty. After about 20 minutes I was drenched, and cover in hay, itchy hay. I did finish the chores, and made sure everyone was comfortable and healthy, then I left to take care of more horses at another place I work at. I got even more uncomfortable after mucking 8 stalls, and throwing shavings shovel after shovel full, just to see that about half of it had stuck to my arms, face, and down my shirt. By this point I was really grumpy and tired. All I wanted to do was to go back to bed, which is rare for me because I love my job.

As my day went on of course I got sweatier and more tired, but it caused me to question what I would do without horses. What would I do? without horses? what would my life be like with out these amazing creatures? So for the rest of the day I pondered this, and I bet everyone around me was thinking I was really grumpy, but that's all I thought about.

I finally came to the conclusion, that my life would be almost impossible without them. That may sound selfish or weak, but it is true. I had realized that everything bad that had happened became better because of my horses, and all that I had learned and related to was because of a horse or horses. It was the reason I got up early in the mornings, the reason I didnt stay out late and party (which was a good reason) in high school or college, the reason I always tried to make good decisions, and where I went when everything else seemed to fall apart. My life wouldn't be complete without them.

So even after hours of shoveling poop, and carrying water buckets, and barely being able to walk because the horse I was riding had ever intent in throwing me to the ground numorous times, I still couldn't imagine who or where I would be without them. Or the times everyone else wanted to go shopping for new clothes, and I saved my money all summer to buy a horse. Nobody else understood it, especially my friends but that almost made it more special for me. I was happy to be that crazy horse girl, that wanted nothing but horses, horses, and more horses.

So now that this day is almost to an end, I can't beleive that this thought went through my head, but it did open my eyes that today could have been much worse, and I could be living a life that could be much different. After all I wouldn't have a job I love more than anything, or the best coworkers (horses) I could ever have, or the days that I'm working but also spending the day with my best friends. This hot, sweaty day turned out to be okay, heres to the rest of the week.

So I question you, What would you do without your horse? Where might you be? Who would you be? What would you do?

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